Google Docs Meetings - Reimagined

By managing action items, assigning deadlines, and tracking progress, Action perfectly streamlines your meetings on Google Docs

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Uninterrupted Workflow

Built specifically for Google Docs, Action allows you to use keyboard short­cuts to assign tasks and due dates.

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Pops open a dropdown with which you can select an attendee to assign the action item to.


Enter a deadline after the hashtag. Use natural language such as "next week," abbreviations such as "1d," or specific dates like "2/14."


Submits the action item to the task manager. The tag will disappear, leaving your notes clean and organized.

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No Setup Whatsoever

Action automatically pulls the necessary information from your Google document to customize the task manager. At least one person should have the extension installed for your team to benefit.

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Effortless Meeting Follow-up

When you finish your meeting, Action will send emails to every attendee with their individual tasks so that you don't have to. You can also export the team's tasks to a spreadsheet for easy reference.

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